The Foundation focuses largely on proactive grant making. Grants can be offered on an invitation to bid basis or through partnerships with certain organisations that have the ability to provide the desired results and offer value for money. We hope to respond flexibly to the needs of identified recipients in fields where its grants can provide a significant contribution, make a change, encourage others or act as a catalyst for transformation. The geographical emphasis of activity will be the UK and Russia but also further afield.

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Welcome to Combating childhood cancer

We are not officially affiliated with the Raisa Gorbachev foundation but report news on it. Set up almost ten years ago, the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation is dedicated to the control and removal of childhood cancer.

Changing the lives of children with cancer is at the core of everything they do. They endeavour to eliminate economical, national and political borders to accessibility of treatment which are at once life-enhancing and life-saving. Key progress has been made since 2006 and the Foundation goes on to target requirements in Russia and Britain.

The diagnosis of cancer is the beginning of a very difficult journey for all people affected. The news is horrible. Two decades ago it was synonymous with a death sentence. Now the survival rates offer genuine hope to those with cancer. Economical borders should not determine the destiny of a child with cancer.

What changes are happening?

At the centre of their work is the offering of direct support to people who can make a difference to the lives of young cancer patients. The Foundation has added value on both an institutional and a one-to-one level. From giving life-saving equipment to hospitals and funding specialist care, they endeavour to change the diagnosis from a death sentence to a life process.

The Foundation has discovered several areas to increase the use of the funds they make for Cancer Control and Beyond Therapy programmes: therapy, research, equipment, advocacy and training.

Global results

As the foundation continues, the global reach is expanding. It is their ambition that every donation awarded has a worldwide application and global results.

The lives of many young patients have been improved by the Foundation’s contribution. With the help of the Foundation, doctors can use cancer treatments and modern diagnostic technology which would otherwise not be available to them.

Raisa Gorbachev

It was Raisa Gorbachev’s dream to make a path towards the elimination of childhood cancer. The Foundation is committed to her goal.

Encouraged by Raisa Maximovna Gorbacheva’s goal to discover a cure for cancer in children, the Foundation is dedicated to investing in the battle against childhood cancer mortality. They continue the work that Raisa started as well as celebrate her life and dedication to this goal.

Due to the magnanimous generosity of their donors and supporters, the Foundation has raised over £8 million since it started. This has allowed for great steps to be made to reduce the suffering of vulnerable children in the UK and in Russia.